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Monthly Archives: January 2017

    Proof of Purchase

    By Mike Parker | January 30, 2017

    People who experience a property loss are usually asked by their insurance company for proof of purchase which can come in the form of a receipt or current inventory of their personal belongings. Even the most organized people might find it challenging to find receipts for all the valuables in their home. If the inventory... Read More


    By Mike Parker | January 27, 2017

    The Mike Parker Team’s weekly round-up of real estate-related news & advice and homeowner tips from around the web… Sales in the Snow: 5 Home Staging Tips for Wintertime While winter isn’t traditionally considered the best time to sell your home, there’s no reason you can’t get an offer during the colder months with the... Read More

    Boomers Are Staying in Place

    By Mike Parker | January 23, 2017

    There seems to have been an accepted progression for homeowners going from starter home, to gradually moving into one’s dream home, then, downsizing after becoming an empty nester and finally, into a retirement home. However, Marianne Cusato’s 2016 Aging-in-Place Report indicates that many older Americans don’t plan on following that pattern. 61% of homeowners above... Read More

    Attracting Buyers

    By Jill Kuchle | January 16, 2017

    There is a common body of knowledge among real estate professionals that indicates that the longer a home is on the market, the lower the price will be. Many sellers discount this belief in the beginning because they feel confident their home will sell quickly. Lowering the price is the most obvious thing that can... Read More

    Rent or Buy – You Pay for the House You Occupy

    By Jill Kuchle | January 9, 2017

    The ironic thing about people who think they can’t afford to buy a home for themselves, end up buying the home for their landlord. There are several facts that support this notion. Mortgages, whether held by an owner-occupant or an investor, are usually amortized so that each payment reduces the principal amount owed so that... Read More

    Facts or Myths

    By Jill Kuchle | January 2, 2017

    “It’s impossible to get low down payment loans.” – FACT! FHA down payments are 3.5% and VA is 0%. In some areas, there may be some 0% down payment USDA loans available. FNMA and Freddie Mac have 3% down payment programs. “It takes perfect credit to get a loan.” – FACT! There is a relationship of better rates to... Read More