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Monthly Archives: March 2020

    Showing Procedures During COVID-19

    By Mike Parker | March 26, 2020

    During these unsettling times, sellers and buyers are concerned about staying healthy and virus-free as we all are.  To keep all parties safe, new procedures should be considered regarding the procedure for showing houses. Agents are reporting that they are selling homes where the buyers have not physically been in the home and base their... Read More

    Shopping for a Mortgage

    By Mike Parker | March 10, 2020

    A lower rate will not only result in a lower payment, it will amortize the loan quicker.  A $250,000 mortgage at 4.5% for 30 years will have a $1,266.71 principal and interest payment.  At 4%, the same loan will have $1,193.54 payment saving $73.18 a month and the unpaid balance would be $1,776 lower at... Read More

    Get Ready to Garage Sale

    By Mike Parker | March 3, 2020

    A well-planned garage or yard sale can give you extra space in your home, get rid of unused items and make some money but it needs some of the same considerations that any business needs to be successful. Start early to research and plan Promotion is key Display items attractively Price items right Organize checkout... Read More