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Monthly Archives: December 2021

    Paying Down Your Mortgage

    By Mike Parker | December 22, 2021

    When the situation arises that you have a lump sum of cash to pay down your existing mortgage,  there may be different options available.  Pre-paying principal on a fixed-rate mortgage shortens the term of the mortgage but the payment stays the same. Conversely, recasting a mortgage with a lump-sum principal payment lowers the principal and interest... Read More

    Holiday Curb Appeal

    By Mike Parker | December 16, 2021

    Having your home listed during the holiday season can make you reluctant to pull out those boxes and make of mess of things between showings- I’m reluctant even when my house isn’t listed! But some strategic decor choices can make your home seem even more inviting and welcoming to potential buyers. Here are a few... Read More