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Monthly Archives: March 2022

    Instead of a Vision Show Them The House

    By Mike Parker | March 28, 2022

    Sellers try to rationalize not making needed updating and repairs to their homes before marketing them by saying they are going to let the buyers make their own personal choices.  It is a convenient story to justify not going to the effort for the necessary market preparation to justify achieving the highest possible sales price.... Read More

    Equity Gives Homeowners Options

    By Mike Parker | March 21, 2022

    Americans have seen the equity in their homes increase by 29.3% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2021 according to the CoreLogic Homeowner Equity Insights.  The average home equity gained $55,000 during the same period. CoreLogic’s Home Price Index reported a 19.1% increase in appreciation for the previous twelve months ending in January... Read More

    The Dynamics of Home Equity

    By Mike Parker | March 14, 2022

    Appreciation and amortization are key factors in building equity for homeowners with mortgages.  As the home goes up in value due to appreciation and the unpaid balance goes down due to amortization, the equity increases. Appreciation is the increase in value of a home and is usually measured year over year.  In recent years, appreciation... Read More

    Remodeling As It Relates to Value

    By Mike Parker | March 7, 2022

    While updating and remodeling certainly makes a home more enjoyable and livable, and increases the value, homeowners should not expect to recover 100% of the cost of the remodeling.  Certainly, remodeling and updating makes a home sell faster, some of the expenditures will not return their full cost, although, some do return more than others. ... Read More

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