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Monthly Archives: December 2022

    Does High Inflation Discourage Your From Buying a Home?

    By Mike Parker | December 28, 2022

    Inflation devalues the purchasing power of money and the interest earned on savings is almost always less than inflation.  Tangible assets like your home consistently become more valuable over time.  In inflationary periods, a home is a good investment and a hedge against inflation. Borrowing money at fixed rates during times of inflation can be very advantageous…like... Read More

    Did You Know This About Your Credit?

    By Mike Parker | December 20, 2022

    Credit scores are used to assess risk and determine whether a borrower is approved or declined for a mortgage, credit card or some other type of credit.  The score is a numerical value ranging from a low of zero to a high of 850 or 900 depending on the credit bureau. The higher the score, the... Read More

    Waiting For the Mortgage Rates to Come Down

    By Mike Parker | December 13, 2022

    Waiting for the mortgage rates to come down before you buy a home may not be a good decision. If you are correct, and the rates do come down by two percent, the savings you benefit from a lower rate will most likely be devoured by the appreciated price increase. As of 12/8/22, the 30-year... Read More

    Downsizing Options

    By Mike Parker | December 6, 2022

    Opportunities exist for a subset of homeowners, possibly in their 60’s to 70’s, who want to downsize to smaller homes for convenience, less maintenance, change of lifestyle, or to save money.  These homeowners are more likely to have large equities and will not feel the same constraints that are keeping younger owners in their homes due... Read More