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Our weekly round-up of real estate-related tips and advice from around the web- Enjoy!


My Experience Building a New Construction Home

When my fiancée and I were home shopping, we looked and looked, and did a lot of comparisons. Price comparisons, size comparisons, what we’d need to fix in the future. We were both first-time home buyers so we were very thorough in our process.

A lot of people felt their homes were dipped in gold, but all we saw were 1990s split-levels with high asking prices. I didn’t want a home that had a 20-year-old roof and a bunch of things to fix on day one. It got disheartening after a while to think of spending that much money for something already a few decades old…Zillow

Sell Your Home for Top Dollar: Insider Home Staging Tips 

Staging your house can make you money. Seventy-one percent of sellers’ agents believe a well-staged environment increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer, according to the National Association of REALTORS® “2015 Profile of Home Staging.”…HouseLogic

SlawterArchitecture | NKY Home Renovation | NKY Custom Home

Thinking about a home renovation, addition, or custom home project in 2017?

What emotion do you feel first when thinking about your project?  For most anxiety and uncertainty top the list. In many cases these emotions and horror stories from friends are enough to stop a potential project right after the dreaming starts.  So, how did we get here?  What has happened in the residential construction industry allowing uncertainty and anxiety to rule the process with outcomes that are marginal at best?  I would argue that a big piece of the process is missing; working with an experienced architect to appropriately design and plan….Fort Thomas Matters

6 Tips for a Great Valentine’s Day Date Night

Yes, Valentine’s Day can feel like a hokey overly-commercialized holiday only meant to sell greeting cards, flowers and candy. But you still love it – admit it.

This year, go beyond the card and flowers and plan a date night out with your sweetheart. Here are six tips to help make it a fun and affordable evening…

Score! 4 Secrets to Buying the Perfect Super Bowl TV 

The recipe for the perfect Super Bowl party includes steaming trays of gooey, artery-clogging appetizers, copious amounts of ice-cold beer (or, in our case, top-shelf Manhattans, straight up, don’t forget the Luxardo cherry), and—of course—an oversize big-screen TV…

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