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Ft. Thomas Independent Schools

Fort Thomas Independent Schools, a recognized leader in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, consistently achieves high test scores and ranks as Kentucky’s highest performing kindergarten through twelfth grade public school district for the 15th consecutive year. The district includes Robert D. Johnson Elementary School, Ruth Moyer Elementary School, Samuel Woodfill Elementary School, Highlands Middle School and Highlands High School. Fort Thomas Independent Schools value rigorous curriculum standards, exceptional parental involvement and community support plus excellence in extracurricular activities.

The following schools are located in the Ft. Thomas Independent School System:

Highlands High School

2400 Memorial Pkwy, Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Homes available in the Highlands High School Area

Highlands Middle School

2350 Memorial Pkwy, Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Homes available in the Highlands Middle School Area

Robert D. Johnson Elementary

1180 N. Ft. Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Homes availabe in the Johnson Elementary School Area

Moyer Elementary

28 N. Ft. Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Homes available in the Moyer Elementary School Area

Samuel Woodfill Elementary

1025 Alexandria Pike, Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Homes available in the Woodfill Elementary Area