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Kenton County Public Schools

Kenton County Public Schools is the fifth largest school district in the Commonwealth. It’s schools equip students to achieve their dreams.  Whether it is a dream to attend Harvard University, become a high ranking office in the military, or pursue a medical degree, limitless opportunities, exclusive to students in this school district, are uniquely designed to equip students with skills and resources to compete successfully in the global work market.

To achieve our mission of preparing students for the global work market, every staff member is guided by our school district’s three goals:

Goal 1 – All students will perform at or above grade level in numeracy and literacy at each transition point.

Goal 2 – All ‘professional practices’ will be based on a common understanding of quality instruction and best practice for every student, in every classroom, every day.

Goal 3 – Beginning in the fourth grade, all students will participate in at least one activity providing a meaningful connection to school beyond the regular classroom each year.

Our commitment to innovation and unparalleled business and community engagement buttress these goals, creating a circle of support for students, parents, and staff.  Our rich tradition of rigorous and relevant instruction has resulted in tremendous strides in so many areas – from numerous facility improvements that enhanced learning opportunities for everyone, to increasing staff compensation in order to attract and maintain the best workforce in all areas.  Our Board’s commitment to maintain a course of forward and innovative thinking in all areas of school improvement has propelled our schools into the upper echelon of educational and community leadership.

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